Tech: 2511 One of a Kind Medical Device to Treat Dry Mouth

Tech: 2511  One of a Kind Medical Device to Treat Dry Mouth

Acquisition/Strategic Partnership Opportunity

Our client has found an innovative, non-invasive, effective, and cost-effective solution to treat dry mouth (xerostomia) and is now seeking buyer/strategic partners to market their devices worldwide.

Dry Mouth – Major Health Problem and Great Business Opportunity

Dry mouth, a condition affecting more than 80 million people in the high-income countries, is a chronic and mostly irreversible condition induced as a side effect by over 1,800 commonly used medications, radiation therapy for head & neck cancer, and by auto-immune diseases and other conditions. The world market for dry mouth is about USD 6 Billion. Dry mouth affects significantly the patient’s quality of life and induces handicapped chewing, swallowing and speaking, bad breath, sleep disturbance, excessive tiredness, decreased enjoyment of life, and consistent negative effects on patient’s day-to-day lives. Furthermore, the teeth are exposed to high decay rate.

Company’s Patented, Innovative Solutions

The Company has addressed this problem by developing two products for the dentist’s market, and a third direct-to-consumer product is in development. The principle behind it are low level electro-simulation for short periods of times (a few minutes a day) to oral tissues and at a level below what a patient can feel / sense it. The company’s products are protected by five patents.

The Company’s devices include a built-in micro-processor with embedded software, wireless remote control communication module, an independent power source and stimulation electrodes.

The company has already spent over 5 million euros in development. The first product, which has obtained a CE mark and is approved for marketing in the market in USA, Europe , TGA in Australia and CFDA in China is a removable custom mouth guard with built in circuitry. A dentist takes the measurements and the Company custom makes it for the patient with built in circuitry. Typically the patient uses it for a few minutes 3-4 times a day, providing electric simulation via a remote control.

A second device is a pen-like device that can be bought over the counter. This direct-to-consumer device has approvals for sale in Europe and Australia.

The third device is a custom crown a miniature tooth like device that is attached to a standard dental implant, located at the lower wisdom tooth area and the third device is a pen like device that is currently in development and which can be sold in pharmacy stores direct to consumers.

Competitive Advantages

Currently, dry mouth is treated either by medications or by mouthwashes or gels. Company’s products offer significant advantages over the competition.

Compared and as opposed to medications:

  • No known side effects
  • Suitable for all dry mouth sufferers
  • Controllable stimulation according to the actual needs
  • Significantly lower costs

Compared to mouthwashes and gels:

  • Long-lasting effect
  • Significantly lower costs

Company Milestones

  • Company is EN ISO 13485:2003 certified
  • Company’s removable Mouth Guard has been USA FDA and CE approved and initial direct sales are beginning
  • Clinicall trial has shown statistically significant improvement in patients’ oral wetness and symptoms, and no side-effects. It has been published in several scientific journals
  • Pen-like device has received US Patent
  • A worldwide post marketing Phase IV trial with over 110 patients in 14 clinical centers proved efficacy of the product

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