Aquaplates™ m-EI Agar Media Plates (for Membrane Enterococci)

Aquaplates™ m-EI Agar Media Plates (for Membrane Enterococci)
This method is for determination of Enterococci bacteria in water as per EPA method 1600 and suitable for fresh and marine water in swimming areas, and also for potable, fresh, esturine, marine and shellfish growing waters.

The prepared media plates provide the convenience of a ready made agar gel in a sterile petri dish and speeds up the test. The filter paper with the colony is laid over the gel, incubated for 24 hours at 41 degrees C, and the colonies with a blue halo are counted.

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Steps for Fecal Coliform Testing


 Step 1. Filter the sample with a sterile cellulosic 0.45 micron filter.


 Step 2. With flamed (sterile) tweezers, gently place the filter on the modified m-TEC media plates by placing it on one end rolling it to the other edge.

 Step 3. Incubate this plate at 44.5 degrees Celcius for 24 (+/- 2 hours).

 Step 4. That’s it. You are done!. Simply count the colonies which are blue in color.

An added advantage of these prepared media plates is that it incorporates rosolic acid which discourages growth of competing organisms (e.g. E. coli and non-fecal coliform)


 Eliminates the hassle of dissolving and preparing agar gel and is a big time saver
 Provide reproducible, consistent results every time, saving time and money
 Come prepared and sealed in a plastic tube with expiration date clearly stamped on each plate. No need to buy plates with pads, no lights, substrates, or messy vials
 Produces easy to see blue colonies
 Very economical! Moreover, they also save money by providing consistency and reliability to your test
making the results more reliable
 Complete satisfaction guarantee
 Two months shelf-life


 Norweco Laboratory article on Membrane Fecal Coliform Test
 Article from Virginia Polytechnic Institute on Membrane Fecal Coliform Test

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