Welcome to E. coli Testing MarketPlace!

Welcome to E. coli Testing MarketPlace!

Our goal is to bring easy to use solutions and technologies for testing of E. coli (and other microbes). To this end, we bring intersting solutions to this website. If you have unique products and solutions that you would like us to feature, pleaseĀ contact us.

Are you a lab with a wastewater treatment plant? Or a lab testing for water quality of recreational water? Or trying to ensure that our drinking water supply is safe? Or you are in pharmaceutical, or food and beverage industry, trying to ensure that you have good water supply? Or looking for a quicker, easier, and sensitive method to detect E. coli and total coliform? Are you looking to differentiate E. coli O157?

You have come to the right place. Hundreds of labs and municipalities across the nation now rely on some of the solutions offered on our site – convenient, low-cost, prepared agar media plates that saves time and gives consistent reproducible results. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.

We feature products from Aquacheck Laboratories:

Prepared Agar Media Plates

Prepared Agar Media Plates for E. coli, coliform and Enterococci testing (by Aquacheck Laboratory and Hardy Diagnostics) are sterile, pre-made media plates. They save time and makes testing for E coli, coliform, and Enterococci as per the EPA method, very easy and convenient.

The plates are shipped with full QC documentaion, MSDS sheets and are approved as per EPA testing and comes with complete satisfaction guarantee.