Aquaplates™ Modified m-TEC Agar Media Plates (for modified Membrane Thermotolerant E. coli)

Prepared Agar Media Plates

Prepared Agar Media Plates for E. coli, coliform and Enterococci testing (by Aquacheck Laboratory and Hardy Diagnostics) are sterile, pre-made media plates. They save time and makes testing for E coli, coliform, and Enterococci as per the EPA method, very easy and convenient.

The plates are shipped with full QC documentaion, MSDS sheets and are approved as per EPA testing and comes with complete satisfaction guarantee.

 Modified mTEC Plates (for E. coli as per EPA 1603)
 mFC Plates (for Fecal Coliform)
 mEI Plates (for enterococci as per EPA 1600)
 mTEC Plates (largely replaced by Modified mTEC tests)